Thursday, August 9, 2012

Writing with one hand tied behind my back!

Or, more accurately, writing with one hand in a sling.  It's been an interesting experience to have my left arm in a sling after shoulder repair.  The surgery itself was no big serious pain after, no complications.  Just the dang sling.  Ican use my fingers and can even type for a while with both hands.  But that gets tiring with my arm stuck to my side.  So I'm mostly writing with one hand.

This is a metaphor for a bunch of handicaps that writers deal with everyday.  For example, I also have a full-time day job.  Those hours spent there, and the long commute to get there, put a serious crimp in my writing plans.  But it's something with which I've learned to cope, because I have always had this day job.  I've also had back injuries.  When that happened, and during recovery, I learned to write while lying flat using a special laptop desk that allowed for that.  Now the shoulder (yes, degenerative bone problems are no fun!).  But my own stories are nothing compared to others!  I know people who write while struggling with the most difficult ailments and situations.  People who write while raising children, while traveling for their jobs, while waiting for the next round of chemo, while coping with insomnia, while going through dialysis.

It is amazing to me that we humans are so adaptable!  When we have passion about something, we will find a way to pursue that passion.  Almost nothing can stop us.  And this must be doubly true for writers.  If we let any adversity get in our way, success is doomed.

I would love to hear your stories of writing with one hand tied behind your back, metaphorically speaking.  What have you had to overcome to still keep on writing?

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