Sunday, January 1, 2012

Guest blogger, Dominique Eastwick

I recently asked the authors at Musa Publishing to be guest bloggers by answering ten questions. Some of the questions were for fun, but all got interesting results. Here is my first guest, Dominique Eastwick. With more to come, this may be another way to find yourself some new beloved authors!

1)  A short paragraph on what you write about and the genre, please? I write erotic romance Heavy on the Romance. I write both Contemporary and Paranormal romance, with strong heroine to help control those stronger alpha males. 
2)  What is a typical writing session like, in 300 characters or fewer? I don't think I have a typical writing session I write when I can and edit when I take my son to Tae Kwon Do. But when I do write I tend to write to instrumental music and have to turn everything off including the Internet.
3)  Men: boxers or briefs? Women: under-wire or banded? (apparently people want to know this!) Boxer briefs :) Hows that for decision, and for myself Banded unless I am going out then its under-wire.
4)  If you use a pen name, why?  If you don't, do you worry about stalkers? Yes I use a pen name I don't feel I need the PTA giving me a hard time. And they would.  Silly women with nothing better to do.
5)  What is the oddest thing about your writing or the way you write? Odd? Hmmm lets see the oddest thing is that my Muse and I do not seem to be on the same schedule.
6)  Give us a glimpse into how you choose the names of your characters, please? For my men I always pick a characteristic then find what the meaning is.  But for the Sherman Series all the mates for the siblings there names had  to fit into the title. Hunter for Hunting JC, Haven for Tony's Haven, Killoran for Killing Lucas ect...
7)  Any thoughts on staying healthy while pursuing such a sedentary career? I do a lot of chair dancing LOL
8)  Dogs or cats, and why? Both... sorry, I love that my dog is always at my feet when I write and makes me get up from the computer every now and then to play with her, and I love that my cat curls up behind my monitor to watch me work :)
9)  If you research, what's your method?  If you don't, how do you get away with that? I love research, I research mainly on line these days but every now and then I have to get out there and do it. I went to Boston and ate at restaurant I plan to use in my book, walked the routes I have my characters walk and remember what the city is like. I try not to write about places I haven't been to first hand.
10)  What is the most interesting or outrageous comment you've heard/read about your writing? Honestly it was the comment about a short story they complained that it was too short that I hadn't gone into depth about the couple and their back ground. And that they wanted more. Compliment about the more part, but it was supposed to be a short story no more then 8000 words. But the best was that she complained that the book was a hook up book. I am not really sure what she expected from a series names 1 Night Stand.
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June Kramin said...

Great interview. I look forward to posts from all the 'Musans' :)

Sara Daniel said...

Okay, I think I laughed out loud at the complaint that the 1 Night Stand title was hook up book. Loved the questions and the answers, Dominique and Elizabeth, and I'm looking forward to more Musa interviews.

Lynda Kaye Frazier said...

Loved it and look forward to more.

Dizzy said...

Ah appears that "intervention" years ago didn't work! Congrats on your success :0)

Patricia said...

Wonderful to get to see a side of Dominique that we wouldn't otherwise. Thank you for the interview. It's always interesting finding out what other authors do and why.
Patti Yager Delagrange

Beth Trissel said...

I enjoyed this--also love dogs and cats and have both.

Melisse Aires said...

Fun interview Dominique!. Totally agree about the PTA gang.

Lol on the reviewer who objected to a hook up in a 1 night stand series! Duh.

Lynda Dunwell said...

Thanks for letting us into a part of your writing life. Looking forward to reading more of your books.

Cordelia Dinsmore said...

This was a great interview. I laughed several times and it's too early in the morning for that! Dom and I seem to share a need with our animals being part of our writing schedule. Good to know I'm not the only one.

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